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The Case Files of Sadie Ellis
"Lookit what I caught lurking in the shadows!"
A large man with a grizzled beard pushed forward a young girl to the center of a warehouse towards another man identical to himself. She was 19, beautiful, 5'2", with green eyes and straight raven black hair that fell around her shoulders. She wore an unbuttoned emerald cardigan that matched her eyes over a simple white tank top and black skirt. Her small frame nearly toppled over as she was pushed. She clutched a black leather messenger bag tightly to her chest.
"Who are you!?" The man behind her demanded.
"S-Sadie Ellis. Private dete-"
"A SNOOP!" roared the man in front of her. "Whaddaya doin' here?"
"I'm investigating the missing artwork from the county museum. I was just-"
"Shut up! Gimme that bag!" He demanded as he advanced forward.
Sadie hung on tightly, but the bag was wrenched from her grip and emptied onto the floor. A journal, cell phone, digital camera, pepper spray, a taser, and pens of different colors clattered  about.
:iconperilmonger:PerilMonger 15 10


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So we made it through our first week with the baby! We're on a two hour feeding schedule, so my days have really blended together and I've never been so tired in my life... It's rewarding, though. She's worth it.

I do have some chapters I'm working on and will get those up when I can. There's also another commission coming through, so I'm excited to share that with you all when it comes, too.

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“Ugh, why can’t these bad guys ever choose somewhere nice to hang out, like a 5 star hotel?” Detective Taylor McCain wondered out loud. “It’s always a creepy old building or somewhere dirty like these docks!”

“Shh, Tay!” Her partner, Sadie Ellis whispered back. “If this was easy, anybody would be doing it!”

The Ellis McCain Detective Agency was still basking in the girl detective spotlight due to a multimillion dollar case that ended with three men in handcuffs and the recovery of an enormous shipment of illegal elephant tusk ivory. Suddenly, the case work flew in and the girls could be a little more choosy on the cases they decided to take. Today, they crept around industrial shipping docks a few hours from where they lived. An heiress to an oil business, Alexandra Davenport, was recently kidnapped and her father thought it a good idea to hire the young EMDA sleuths. The girls were excited now more than ever to prove their mettle and bring the young woman home safely.

“Hmm… Where would that building be?” Sadie asked.

“Maybe a little farther north? Look, there’s the crane!” Taylor pointed out.

The girls were sent a copy of the ransom video. Alexandra was shown bound to a chair with her lips pursed over a rag tied tightly between her teeth. She was blindfolded with a strip of duct tape and there was a newspaper in her lap to prove she was still alive. The scared girl sobbed quietly as the camera circled her, and when she tried to call out for her father, she revealed a thick knot of cloth that filled the inside of her mouth. The men holding her demanded $10 million dollars for her safe return under the condition that there would be no police involvement, which the EMDA surely were not. High above the kidnapped girl, there was a row of windows with a giant yellow crane behind them. Taylor would be the one to both notice and determine that it was located on the shipping docks out of Dalston Harbor.

“You’re right! Let’s go!”

The girls ran along the huge, metal shipping containers stacked on the edges near the water and made their way to the crane. Even though they probably wouldn’t be reported, they did their best to stay out of the way of the busy dock workers. Those that did see them were more surprised to see such beautiful girls so close to the water! Taylor’s luxurious blonde hair was pulled into a high ponytail, and she wore a floral Dolce and Gabbana blouse, matching it to another Dolce piece: a black skirt with a pink bow on the front of her hip. Light pink Tom Ford padlock heels stood her up a few inches, which she made look effortless as she kept up with her partner. Sadie wore a black v-neck that was slightly cropped to show just a hint of her yoga toned stomach. Skinny jeans hugged her legs and she wore white sneakers on her dainty feet. Taylor helped play with her dark hair this morning and created a voluminous braid that draped over her left shoulder. Though they looked out of place, they weren’t bothering anybody. The girls looked up at the massive crane from where they stood.

“There’s a row of warehouses that way, but which one?” Taylor asked with a flick of her hair.

“Well, based on the position in the video, I'd say it’s one of those three.”

“Start in the middle?”

“That’s why you’re my bestie, Tay!”

The detectives ran up to the center warehouse largely unseen. It had a huge sliding door that the girls worked together to open. Luckily, it was unlocked! The air in the warehouse smelled stale and rusty, and it was filled with wooden crates of all shapes and sizes.

“See what I mean?” Taylor whispered. “Always a dirty warehouse and never a nice hotel.”

Sadie stopped in her tracks and shot her friend a look, who in turn, stuck her tongue out at her. Sadie smirked and continued along the walls of the storeroom. Nothing appeared to be out of order until they reached a clearing in the boxes where a chair sat in the center of it. The same one Alexandra Davenport was tied to! The detectives crouched down behind a few boxes and listened intently to their surroundings. They still seemed to be alone and continued along the wall.

“The windows!” Sadie pointed out. “The crane is right there! She was here!”

The EMDA girls hit a back wall and what appeared to be a doorway leading to a small office. Taylor pressed her ear against it, but hearing nothing on the other side, she twisted the doorknob and slowly pushed it open with a creak. The girls quietly entered and gasped at what they saw next. There on the floor laid Ms. Davenport! She was bound with rope around her ankles and wrists behind her back, her eyes were still taped over, and the knotted rag still muffled any sound she might try to make. The girls quickly rushed to her side.

“Hmph? Mmph!?”

“Shh,” Sadie reassured her.

“It's okay, we're here to rescue you,” Taylor told her softly.

The Sadie slowly peeled the duct tape from her eyes and Taylor picked at the knot behind the frightened woman's head. She blinked in the dim lighting and took a deep breath once the wet knot was removed from her mouth. She used her pink tongue to moisten her dry lips and she looked up at her rescuers, who helped her to sit up.

“Wow, since when did the police start hiring such pretty faces? That also wear Tom Fords!?”

“Oh! We're not police, but a private investigation agency,” Sadie told her.

“Thank you for noticing, Ms. Davenport,” Taylor replied, “You’re quite beautiful yourself.”

She really was. Not only was Alexandra “Lexi” Davenport an heiress to a large fortune, but she was also a super model appearing in magazines, runways, and red carpets since she was a teenager. She even earned her wings as a Victoria's Secret Angel! She had long, straw blonde hair that still managed to look great despite being tussled from the kidnapping. The heiress also towered over the girls at nearly 6'0”! Her eyes were large, brown, and beautiful and she had full lips on her photo ready face. Her body was sculpted over a lifetime of personal training and her breasts were large and full, a modern day dream girl. She was closing in on her 30s and both of the detectives rescuing her had her photos pinned up on their walls while growing up, even pretending to be her when they used to play dress up.

“Please, girls, friends call me ‘Lex.’ And who might you be?”

“My name is Sadie."

“And I’m Taylor. We’re the Ellis McCain Detective Agency!”

Her bound wrists were freed and all three girls started on the knots holding her ankles together.

“It’s as pleasure to meet you, Sadie. Taylor. Thank you. Thank you for coming for me!”

“You’re welcome!” Taylor beamed.

“Do you know who did this to you?” Sadie asked.

“No, no I don't,” Lex responded. “They never take off their masks. I was out shopping when my entire security detail just dropped to the pavement! By the time I saw some kind of dart in one of my guards, I was pulled inside a van. I’ve been bound, blindfolded, and gagged almost the entire time! I don’t even know what day it is!”

“It's okay, don’t worry about that. It hasn’t even been 48 hours,” Sadie explained.

Taylor removed the final coils around the kidnapped girl's ankles and they helped her to her feet.

“Are you okay? Can you walk?” Taylor asked.

“Yes… I think I’ll be okay.”

Just as the girls took their first step toward the door, it opened and a ski masked man entered. He stopped dead in his tracks, quickly processing what was happening in the small room.


Sadie got a running start and performed a flying kick to the man's abdomen. He staggered back, but didn’t fall, and she staggered in surprise and landed on her butt. Taylor launched herself at the man and lashed out at his face with her small fists.

“Run, Lex!”

Sadie quickly got to her feet and started to wail on the surprised kidnapper, and to her surprise, Lex joined in on the beating. Though taller than all three of the women, the masked man wasn’t prepared to fight back, and he started to go down against the trio of women.

“HOLD IT!” A large voice boomed out.

Surprisingly, the loud voice came from the smallest man in the room. He was flanked by two burly fellows who held their arms crossed as they approached. The girls froze and the man they were attacking pushed himself away and backed into his crew.

“And what exactly is going on here?” the little man asked.

Taylor and Sadie started to back away from the men, using their bodies to shield Lex.

“Wait,” he continued. “Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait! Did Davenport actually send… Girl detectives!? Seems like there’s more of you popping up every day! Whaddaya gonna do? Make-up us to death!?”

He started to laugh and his three henchmen followed suit. Sadie furrowed her brow, unhappy to be the butt end of an unfunny joke.

“We're very dangerous to people like you,“ she hissed, “and we're not leaving without Lex!”

“Oh, sure! Of course you can leave with her. That is, if you have a spare $10 mil lying around!”

The men cackled and they had already fanned out around the girls, who had been backing away into the corner. One of the henchmen had pulled out his phone and ruffled through it, showing his results to the smaller man.

“What’s this…? Oh, so you’re the girls who busted McCafferty's ivory!”

“McCafferty?” Of the three men arrested that day, none of them had that name. There was a fourth who disappeared before the bust, could that be him? Sadie made a mental note.

“We'll bust you, too!” Taylor shouted at him.

The goon scrolled down and spoke in a deep voice.

“That ain’t all, boss. She’s Taylor McCain.”

“So, what?”

“Of Tri-M? McCain Mechanical & Machinery? Her father’s the owner and CEO of the largest robotics firm on the west coast, maybe the country!”

Taylor balled up her small fists.

“Oh, my. Well, this certainly is a fortunate turn of events. And what about this one?” the “boss” asked, nodding his head at Sadie.

“Says here that daddy’s CIO for Tri-M. He makes good money,” the goon answered with a grin.

“How sweet. Her daddy works for her daddy! At least we'll save on postage!”

“You’ll leave us alone!” Sadie threatened. “All of us!”

The boss man lifted his shirt to reveal a hand gun tucked into his belt.

“We do things our way or we kill you now and start sending pieces of ‘Sexy Lexi' back to daddy for not following the rules.”

None of the girls could find words.

“No? Good. Hey, bud, get the chair. A paper and the card, too, yeah?”

“Right, boss.”

The EMDA girls continued to shield Lex, standing in front of her and the henchmen. Of the three larger men, the shortest left the room to do his bosses bidding. The other two burly thugs could easily intercept any of the young women who would try to escape the corner. With the armed boss behind them, there was no way out. When the third henchman returned, he brought the chair used in the ransom video and kicked it toward the boss. He threw down a newspaper and a poster board on the floor in front of the chair.

“Alright, baby blondie, you’re up,” he said.

“No!” Taylor spat back.

The three large men advanced on the girls and grabbed her out from where the girls huddled.

“No, leave her alone!”

“Let go of her!”

“Ouch, let me go! You’re hurting me!”

She was dragged over to the chair by the arm by the shortest goon and sat roughly down in the wooden seat. The henchman pushed and held her tightly by the shoulders to prevent her from getting up. The boss followed them over and produced a little recording device.

“All you have to do is look into the camera, read the board, and hold the newspaper.”

“No, I won't!”

Click clack.

The goon behind her cocked his weapon and pressed it to Taylor's temple. She nervously bit her lip as the gunman used his other hand to hold her under the chin. The newspaper was tossed onto her lap and she apprehensively propped it up on her lap.

“When you’re ready,” the boss said holding up the camera and board.

The frightened 18 year old blonde read the board to herself before starting.

“Dad, I’m not hurt, but that can change if- Ugh, stop it!”

The man holding the gun to her head started to run his free thumb back and forth across her soft lips when she began to read. He pushed her head with the barrel and didn’t stop what he was doing.

“That can change if they don’t get what they want,” she continued. “The price to get me back in one piece is $10 million dollars. You have 48 hours to respond and comply or I will come home to you in pretty little pieces.”

She looked at the board and back up at the camera. She didn’t want to read the last part. The thug holding her pushed her head with the gun, harder than the first time.

“Help me, daddy,” she said softly.

The man stopped rubbing her lips and grabbed her by the neck.

“Help me, daddy!”

He repositioned to put her in a headlock and press the gun hard against her temple.

“HELP ME, DADDY!!!” She cried out.

“STOP IT!” Sadie screamed.

The goon yanked the sobbing detective off the chair and led her back to the corner where she was welcomed into the arms of her friends. The boss grinned under his mask as he watched the playback while the goon who held her made sure he made eye contact with Taylor before sucking her cotton candy lip gloss off his thumb.

“Your turn, green eyes.”

The men reached into the corner and yanked Sadie away from the other girls. She beat the man who grabbed her with her fist, but his bicep might as well have been rock. He easily dragged her along despite her leaning her hundred pound frame behind them. She was pushed down into the chair twice as she fought to stay on her feet.

“You seem like a smart girl,” the small statured boss told ber,”so look up into the camera and read the card.”

The newspaper was thrown into her lap and she glared angrily at the camera.

“The Dalston Harbor! Dad, we’re at thmm mumph muhhph!”

The large guard clapped his mitt over the bottom of Sadie’s beautiful face and she couldn’t say anything more.

“Mph Mmph! Mubl muhph mfff!”

The boss smiled under his mask and nodded. He brought the camera close to her gagged mouth and made sure he caught her wild eyed struggles. The petite detective tried to pry the man's hand away, but he was simply too strong. How could she be so foolish? In her attempt to defy her captor, she made herself vulnerable, and she knew her father wouldn’t be able to bear watching his only daughter being manhandled by a kidnapper. After he got his fill of the detective in distress, he turned the camera to himself.

“You want to see your daughter in one piece again? Then the price is $10 million. Any cops and her head gets popped off like a daisy.”

“Nuhmmm! Nuh uh…”

Sadie felt terrible. Even though he held one of the highest positions at Tri-M, he surely didn’t make the demand in a single year. She was grabbed by her black hair and practically thrown back into the corner with the other girls. They held on to each other for comfort and stared down the armed men that held them for ransom. The boss left the room for a few minutes while his guards maintained the wall that kept the hostages in one place. He returned with multiple spools of thin clothesline that he threw on the floor and a handful rags that were draped over the back of the chair.

“Would one of you bring Sexy Lexi over here?”

“No, leave her alone!” Taylor commanded, stepping forward.

She was pushed back and all three men advanced to pull the heiress from the grip of the two detectives. The tallest of the burly men emerged with Lex, taken by the arm, and walked her toward their boss. She was a tall girl but the kidnapper still had a half foot over her.

“You won’t get a penny from my father of you harm a single h- Uhn!”

The short boss man reached up and used the back of his hand to smack the model across the face. She reached up to rub her cheek, but was taken by the arm and pulled down to the floor. He tossed a spool of clothesline to his cohort pinning her down and spoke.

“How about you try something that can’t be untied by a couple of little girls this time, yeah?”

“Let me go, you won’t get away with this!” Lex yelled up at him.

“Stop it! Let her go!” Sadie tried.

The two men in front of the young sleuths pushed her back and stepped forward to block the detectives' view. Sadie and Taylor held each other close and cowered away from the large men, who stood over the girls with their crossed arms and unsmiling faces under their ski masks. They heard Lex fighting with her captors, her painful moans as she was tightly bound, and the abrupt gurgles with the gagging of her mouth.

“How about green eyes next?”

“No!” Sadie yelled back.

The largest guard returned and tapped the shortest of them, still around 6'0”, on the shoulder. He reached in and grabbed the raven haired detective by the arm. It was easy for them to pull her away from Taylor and Sadie could only watch the two bigger thugs close in on her best friend as she was dragged away.

"Sadie! We'll be okay!"


When she turned around, her eyes widened at the sight of her client bound and gagged on the floor. She was laying on her side, with a rope harness tied across her chest that created a “V” pattern between her breasts. Her arms were pulled behind her, but based on how far forward her chest was, Sadie knew her wrists and elbows were tied together. Lex's legs were tied together at multiple points and curled behind her in an expert hogtie.

“Come on, get her over here.”

“You won’t get away with this,” Sadie told the boss, “we'll see to it that you- Ah!”

The guard behind put a hand on her shoulder and pushed her to her knees, then followed her down to the floor on her stomach. His boss threw him another spool of clothesline.

“Think you can do better than him?” he asked, motioning to the large guard who tied up Lex.

“Uhn! Ow, that hurts!” Sadie strained as her arms were pulled behind her.

She turned her head to face Lex, who was still trying to fight against her gag stuffed and tied back behind her teeth. Sadie always hated seeing other women tied up and helpless, and suddenly, the young detective couldn’t feel any more inept. Her agency had botched the rescue and were now hostages along with their high end client. A sharp tug behind her snapped her back to reality and she winced in pain. Her elbows now touched behind her back and made immobile.

“Uhh! It’s too tight, please, I- Ng! Ack- uhhng!”

The man binding her reached over her face and started to cram a wad of cloth into the detective’s small mouth. By the time she bit down, most of the stuffing was already behind her teeth, and the man squeezed her cheeks until her jaws parted. The soft cotton immediately began to draw the moisture off her tongue and without warning, another rag was pulled across her open mouth and behind her head. He moved her messy braid out of the way before tying a square knot behind her head.

“Nngg! Uph… Mm mph mrrph!”

Sadie was sat up and her binder wrapped the thin cords around her body below her breasts and back up under her armpits and over her shoulders. She could feel the tension on her elbows and knew he attached them to the harness tied around her body. Coming around to her front, the brutish thug crossed her ankles and tied them tightly together. Her muffled protesting fell on deaf ears while her thighs were tied together, followed by her legs under her knees.

“Uff… Mmph… Mph…”

The bound and gagged sleuth mentally prepared herself to be on the receiving end of a hogtie similar to Lex, but her legs were pulled up to her chest from where she sitting. Her binder wrapped the line around her ankles and thighs, through the harness, and behind her neck. She was turned into a little bound and gagged ball.

“Not bad, not bad!” The boss said, helping the kidnapper to his feet.

They walked over the their friends in the corner who had Taylor pressed up against the corner as far as she could go.

“Alright, baby blondie, your time has come,” the boss sang at her.

“Ew, no!!”

The two men who had each tied up a girl dragged her forward and pushed her toward the two girls on the floor.

“You gonna get down the easy easy or the hard way?”

“Screw you, jerk! Ahh!!”

The third thug grabbed her by the ponytail and yanked her to the floor. He flipped the petite blonde onto her stomach and straddled her back, just as the boss tossed him a spool of the thin, white cord with a smirk.

“You got a couple tough acts to follow!” The short criminal said, using his foot to push Sadie onto her side.

“Uhhn! Let us go! You’re never gonna get awmmph muh blmmph!!”

Her kidnapper leaned down to cover her mouth with his palm and issue a warning to be quiet. He let her tire herself out trying get out of his grip before starting the process to immobilize her in tight bondage. Taylor looked over to her friends who could offer no help or words of encouragement, bound and gagged as they were. She was disgusted by the men competing in their tie up game and noticed that the three men above her had circled the girls and leered down at them. Her mouth was released and she took a deep breath.

“Please… Don’t do this- Ow!”

The man folded her arms behind her back and commanded her to grab her elbows. One wrists was lashed to her forearm followed by the other.

“My dad will pay! For all of us! Just let us go, please, jmff ph mmph!”

The detective was jerked back into the thug’s lap where he smothered her lips with his palm. He motioned with his free hand and the boss handed him a couple rags from where they hung on the back of the chair. One rag was dropped to the floor beside them and he balled the second one in his fist while holding it out in front of her face.

“Open up, baby girl. Nice and wide,” he whispered harshly into her ear.

He refused to take his hand away from her mouth and she loathed the fact that she would have to moisten her lips one more time with his palm pressed against her face. She lightly pressed the tip of her tongue against his hand and obeyed his command.

“Arpphh.. Ugh! Guh… Uhhn!”

The balled up cotton wad was forcefully pushed against the back of Taylor’s throat and she coughed and gagged on the sudden intrusion. Holding her face from behind, he used the index and middle fingers on both of his hands to massage the stuffing into her open jaws before clapping a hand over them to prevent her from spitting it out. He dangled the second rag until it thinned out to his liking and jerked it back across the bottom of her face.

“Uhh!! Agh- Ack! Guuh!”

She closed her beautiful blue eyes and felt the tight rag sink behind her teeth. Her long ponytail was moved out of the way and the gag was tied tight behind her head. The young detective was physically exhausted and wanted to lay back on the floor, but the muscular goon held her upright to begin tying a small harness around her body. She hung her head and watched his hands cross themselves in front her until she had tight ropes above and below her petite breasts, over her shoulders, and her arms cranked high on her back attached to his work.

“Mm… Mph…”

He lowered her face first onto the floor and crossed her ankles to tie them tight. They were bent back behind her and he lashed each ankle to the back of her shapely thighs. As if she needed any more binding, he completed a hogtie, attaching it to her arms already tied high up on her back to her harness. Her skirt had ridden up and the men above her smirked at the Victoria's Secret boy shorts she wore underneath it.

“Well, now. I can’t decide! You’re all winners!” The short boss exclaimed.

They all laughed down at the beautiful bound and gagged women.

“Alright, now that they’re dealt with, let’s get these sent to their daddies, and have ourselves a pay day. We did it, boys! We’re going to be RICH.”

The group of kidnappers exited the room, taking the chair and newspaper with them, and slammed the door behind them. Sadie made the decision to assess her surroundings from where she lay tipped over on her side. Above her, Lex rocked her gorgeous body against the ropes that kept her prisoner. She felt terrible for her client. She was definitely not used to being held captive. Truth be told, being trussed up and gagged was something Sadie could never get used to, but she accepted it as an occupational hazard at this point in her career. It didn’t change the fact that she hated every second of it and the people that do it to her. Below her, she could see Taylor's face, red from the strain put on her tiny body. It was then that the ball tied beauty decided to test her own bonds. It was pointless. She wiggled back and forth, unable to stretch her legs or unfurl herself out of the tight ball. Her mouth was made bone dry by the rags stuffed and tied into it, but with a little work, she was able to get her tongue to poke out from under the stifling gag.

“Ah! Uph… Ng! Guh…”

Lex looked down at her bound form. She never took the self defense classes her father set up seriously because she grew up with a security detail she trusted with her life. She was warned that being an heiress could potentially get her kidnapped and being in the public eye as a model earned her many fans, some that might want to harm her. Having her wrists and ankles tied was bad enough, but this was much, much worse. She noticed that the rope harness accentuated her breasts and that her bound elbows pushed them forward. Her stomach was exposed thanks to the connection of her ankles to her wrists and she could barely feel her toes from all the rope wrapping her legs. The new gag crammed into her mouth and tied between her teeth made her retch. She would trade it for her old knotted rag in a heartbeat!  She wanted to tell her pretty young rescuers that this wasn’t their fault, but all she could muster was mumbled and muffled garble.

“Uhng… Uhn… Phuh… Nng…”

Taylor turned her head to the side and saw the bottom half of her best friend gently rocking back and forth in her bondage. Lex was just past her and was faring no better. She shook her pretty head and lowered her jaw to the best of her ability, hoping to get her tongue behind the wad of cloth pinning it down. The kidnapper knew what he was doing and all she could manage to do was rub her tongue across her bottom lip. Her shoulders burned with ropes pulling her arms in two directions and her back ached from the crippling hogtie. She couldn’t pull her arms away from each other and she gripped tightly to her forearms to give her something to concentrate on. She knew what she had to do, and set her plan in motion.

“Uhhn! Uhhn!” She tried.

The other girls didn’t seem to think she was trying to communicate.

“Ay-hee! AY-HEE!”

Sadie looked down and furrowed her brow.

“Ay-hee! Ah haf ih-huh!” Taylor tried to explain.

Her partner shook her head, unable to understand.

“Ah. Haf. Ih. Huh.”

Unable to get her point across, the little blonde rolled to her side so she could show her hands. Using her fingers, she made a cutting motion signaling “scissors.” It wasn’t easy, but she rolled back over to face her friend. Sadie still looked confused, but twisted her hands high and made the motion back at her. Taylor made an exaggerated nod and Sadie’s eyes widened.

“Mrrph! Mmmmph!”

Sadie almost couldn’t believe It! Did Taylor really have a pair of scissors!? She strained her body and wiggled her feet, but couldn’t find the leverage to move any closer. An idea sprung to mind and she rocked back and forth until she could shift her weight to roll onto her knees. She huffed and breathed heavily through her nose. She shot a look over to her partner that said, “I can’t do this alone.” She seemed to get the message and started to wriggle under the tight rope winds.

“Ah… uhhmph!! Mph mph mmmmph!”

The little blonde was having a hard time in the brutal hogtie. Maybe if the kidnappers weren’t all trying to one up each other, it might be a little easier to manage! She knew their lives were on the line and she fought through the pain to inch her way closer to Sadie. Tears were fought back and her teeth ground into her gag, but she willed herself into moving forward.

Sadie flopped down to her side in her little bound ball, but now her back was to her best friend. She tried to see behind her and it still looked like they were oceans apart. Her green eyes closed to take a quick rest when something soft started nudging her on. Lex! The bound and gagged heiress seemed to know something was going on and she did what she could to help her rescuers. Unable to smile with their mouths stuffed and tied, the girls gave each other a nod and fought their way toward Taylor.

“Mmph! Mmph! Nnngh!”

Minutes went by like hours and after an excruciating ordeal across the floor, the three girls made a connection. Their tight bodies and faces glistened with sweat and the tips of their tongues hung out of their mouths desperate for drink. They couldn’t even say the hard part was over! Sadie looked at Taylor for any sign of the pair of scissors. Her friend looked down at her chest and back up.

“Hmm?” Sadie asked.

Taylor motioned down with her head and back up again. She wasn’t kidding. It was in her bra. Her partner assessed what needed to happen. The harness tied around her body probably wouldn’t allow them to pull up her shirt with ease. She would have to come in through the collar under the top half of the harness. Sadie had to maneuver herself to give Taylor her back and Taylor had to move forward to Sadie’s dainty hands. The two detectives grew up together and hard no issues with touching each other when necessary, but it was a bit more embarrassing with a client right next to them. It didn’t help that Taylor couldn’t help from giggling behind her gag while her best friend fished around for the small tool! Sadie caught eyes with Lex and flushed in her current situation. She could barely move her hands, but she made contact with and gripped onto a small loop of metal.

“Ah gah eh!!” She mumbled triumphantly.

She pulled the little loop out of her partner's blouse and played with it in her hands. It was a little pair of folding scissors, barely a few inches across. She carefully pulled the metal apart to open the tiny tool and slipped her fingers into the holes. Taylor rolled over to go back to back and gently guided the sharp edges to her ropes. Sadie couldn’t see much behind her, but she made sure she wouldn’t cut her friend, and began to snip at the tight binding.

“Ah oo oh-ay?” Sadie asked.

“Uh huh! Ah-moh!” Taylor replied.

The little scissors weren’t the sharpest of tools, but a couple of snips later and Taylor's legs straightened out with a snap.


It was much easier for her to maneuver, but there were three more points on her arms needed to free her: Each wrist to her forearms and the center binding connecting to her harness. Sadie worked as quickly as she could, but steady enough to avoid cutting her friend. The little pair of scissors did their job and the small blonde had both of her arms in front of her. She sat herself up and used her hands in tandem with her shaking head to pull the tight rag down her face and around her neck.

“Uhhn! Uhhn! Ahh! Yuck!”

She made a face and tossed aside the wet ball of cotton jammed into her mouth.

“Hold on, guys!”

She took the scissors away from Sadie and snipped away the clothesline around her wrists and elbows. She disconnected the binding keeping her best friend tied into a little ball, too, for the added mobility. The raven haired detective sat up and stuck out her tongue to aid her gag down her chin and around her neck.

“Phthaah!! Gross!”

Despite her mouth being dry and parched, the cotton stuffing in her mouth glistened from the saliva it collected from her tongue. It was tossed aside and the girls set about freeing Lex. Sadie pulled her gag down her beautiful face and pulled the spit saturated wad from her lips using her fingers.

“Ugh! Nasty! Thank you!” Lex sighed with relied.

“Don’t thank us yet!” Sadie told her. “Just be still!”

Taylor shimmied herself over with her ankles still bound to her thighs and snipped her hogtie apart followed by her wrists and elbows. Once free, the gorgeous trio gave each other a group hug.

“Tay, you’re a lifesaver!” Sadie exclaimed.

“I figured we might need some insurance!” She shrugged.

“I’m glad you did, Taylor!” Lex squeaked.

“We still need to get out of here,” Sadie said sternly. “Cut our legs free! Quickly!”

Taylor cut frantically at the other girls' bindings while they rolled their shoulders free of their harnesses. The young women helped each other stand once free and helped Taylor get the rest of the rope away from her body. They didn’t even bother removing the rags still around their necks and damp where they were forced to bite on them.

“What now?” Lex asked.

“Now we get you home!” Taylor chimed in.

“I say we go back the way we came and out the sliding door. There was a side door right next to it we can try if they’ve locked us in.” Sadie planned for them.

“I trust you,” Lex told them with a nod.

The girls crept out of the back room door and ducked down as they stealthily walked along the wall. They could hear the kidnappers talking, but the echo in the warehouse made it difficult to pinpoint where they stood. Miraculously, they reached the door they came in and pulled it open with a tug. The morons didn’t even bother to lock it!



The girls slipped outside and slammed the door behind them. There were a few confused dock workers that looked at the pretty girls with messy hair running their way.

“Help! Please!”

“Help us! Help us!”

“Call the police! Help!!!”

They drew a crowd of four men who approached the situation.

“Whoa, what’s going on here?” One asked.

“Help us! We-“ Taylor started.

“Wait a minute,” another man started, “Aren’t you… Lexi Davenport…?”

“Yes! I am! Please-“

“Can I have your autograph?”


The kidnappers threw open the sliding loading door and crashed out into the open. The girls hid behind the confused dock workers.

“That’s them! They kidnapped us! Please!” Sadie pleaded.

The ski masks didn’t really help the criminals’ case.

“HEY! Beat it!” The short boss yelled at the workers.

The dock workers looked at the girls and back to the masked men, piecing together the truth. One of the men spoke into a handheld radio and explained something fishy was going on.

“I don’t think so,” a man in a hardhat said.

“Yeah, back the fuck up, man.”

The kidnappers continued to stroll forward.

“Get the hell out of our way and maybe we won’t blast you into next week,” the boss told them, exposing the pistol tucked under his shirt.

What the boss didn’t notice was that more and more dock workers were crowding around, answering the call of their coworker.

“You’re not going anywhere with these girls.”

“Yes, we are, and we'll fucking end you to do it.”

“Uh, boss?” A concerned goon added.


He suddenly realized they were completely surrounded by the men working hard on the docks. He drew his weapon and pointed it out on front of him, spinning in wild circles.

“Get the fuck back! All of you! Get back!”

A large wrench was thrown, hitting the small boss on the chest. It signaled a charge and the angry dock workers closed in and doled out their own brand of street justice. Sadie and Taylor turned their heads, unsettled by the violence, and held Lex close.

The police arrived and carted away the kidnappers with a guarantee that they wouldn’t see an ounce of freedom for a very long time. Paramedics tended to the young victims and made sure that they were okay. The authorities thanked the EMDA for their hard work and rescue of the grateful heiress. The detectives were assured that both she and they would be escorted home safely and that the criminal gang didn't send their ransom videos out yet. The girls wanted to say goodbye one more time to Lex, their client, but could only smile and watch from afar as she struck poses for selfies with the brave workers who so valiantly defended them.

Later that night…

“AHHH!!! Sadie, come here!” Taylor called from her room in their new home.

“What!? What is it!? Are you okay!?”

She barged into the room and her blonde best friend turned her laptop around.

“Lex just gave us a shout out on her Twitter page! She has, like… A bazillion followers!!”

Sadie sighed, rolled her eyes, and put her hand on her hip.

“Can you believe it, Say!? This is the coolest thing that’s ever happened to us!”

“Oh, Tay! We're just detectives-“

“Detectives to THE STARS!”

Sadie couldn’t help but giggle and joined her best friend in her bed.

“I know you read that email, Say.”

It was true. Lex had written them a lovely thank you note. Not only would they be handsomely rewarded by her father, but the beautiful heiress also promised to take them on a shopping spree as well as doing a summer photo shoot with the young detectives.

“Tay… When we started, it was never about the money or rewards, it was about helping people.”

Taylor got off the bed and pulled Sadie to her feet. She locked her gorgeous sapphire blue eyes to the stunning emerald greens across from her, taking her face gently in both hands.

“Sadie. We're going to have a photo shoot with Lexi. Davenport.”

“Lex,” she reminded her.

The girls continued to look into each other’s eyes. Unable to hold it in any longer, they jumped up and down, squealing with delight.
The Case Files of Sadie Ellis 9
This story contains graphic description of young women being bound and gagged. If this isn't your cup of tea, move it along. This story was made entirely up by me.
My first commissioned piece came through today and I couldn't be happier with how it turned out.
Taylor McCain
"He snapped the top half of the square knot down, satisfied with the gag in Taylor’s mouth. She couldn’t find the strength to fight back while her ankles were bound tightly to the windings on her wrists." - The Case Files of Sadie Ellis 7

A huge thanks for :iconcailin020: for completing this scene! Hmm, new to the tagging game. cailin020 I hope that works.

The baby room is completely done! I got everything painted, all decorations hung, all the baby toys ready... Built the crib, strollers, got the car seats hooked up into the Latch systems in both cars... Bug out bags are posted by the door and we're in full countdown mode. Baby can come pretty much any time she wants to at this point.

I've got a couple more chapters on the way, but I haven't had much time to work on them recently. I'll have them up as soon as I can! I've also got my first commissioned piece on the way, so I'm really excited for that. I should have a lovely illustration of Sadie soon and can't wait to show it to you guys once it's complete.


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